Cavallo Point


“My husband has family in San Francisco, so we’ve stayed all over town, but Cavallo Point is the ultimate retreat! From accommodations to activities, there are tons of choices, all of them fabulous. I fell in love with the spa, which incorporates local, natural elements. I especially appreciated the opportunity to indulge in ways that forged a connection with my surroundings. To that point, my husband and I had a blast at Cavallo’s cooking school where we got some expert pointers and learned more about the region by using locally-sourced, organic ingredients. We both left Cavallo Point feeling mentally and physically refreshed, as well as pleasantly surprised by a city we thought we already knew! Can’t wait to return…”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend Joan Macintyre, Dublin
(Date Experienced: March 2014)

Great for
A retreat that’s both action packed and blissfully serene.

With whom
We loved our romantic trip, but we’re looking forward to returning with our kids.

Memorable moment
Complimentary morning yoga classes set the perfect tone for our tranquil stay.

Best time to go
Late summer and fall offer warm weather without midsummer’s heat or spring’s rainfall.

Be aware
We opted for a room in the contemporary building, but the historic officers’ quarters look like a neat choice for history buffs seeking extra coziness.

$400-$800 per room per night.


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