Portrait Roma


“This 14-room treasure is a dream come true for fashion lovers (and indeed for anybody else!), so it seemed a natural choice for a mother/daughter trip in July. Its location by the Ferragamo flagship initially caught our attention, but one need not be a fashion enthusiast to appreciate staying just above the Spanish Steps. Being in a townhouse added an element of warmth to our simple yet chic lodgings, and we got a kick out of the shoe-related portraits on the staircase. Having never been to Rome, we did our fair share of sight-seeing, but with Via Condotti so close by, it would be easy to spend the whole trip doing some major shopping. Next time!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend Jillian Davis, San Francisco
(Date Experienced: June 2014)

Great for
Seeing the sights, on the ground and from above.

With whom
A cosmopolitan friend or family member. We also saw a lot of couples, and I can definitely imagine this being great for a romantic getaway.

Memorable moment
Retiring to the rooftop bar in the evening was such a great way to reflect and unwind while looking down over the very sites we’d visited by day.

Best time to go
April to June and September to October are less tourist heavy than the summer months, but we weren’t terribly bothered by the July crowds.

Be aware
Getting a room with a balcony makes for an extra special stay.

$500-$2,000 per night, depending on room and season.


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