Susan Ciminelli Day Spa & Salon

Not many truly full service salon & spas in the world do every service well. From massage to reflexology to hair color to nails to power plates 1:1 sessions — the staff are excellent, the place has a nice energy.

Errol Douglas Salon

London has some hair talent but it is nothing like NYC or LA. Why have a mediocre cut/style/blowdry when you can have a great one? Errol is one of the best stylists I’ve experienced anywhere and my choice every time I’m in London. He takes his time with clients — he is not a prima donna like many of his peer ‘c...

Core Club NY

A special, private members-only club located in Midtown Manhattan with on-going interesting lectures, film previews, art exhibitions etc. Whether you live in the city or visit often it’s a great addition to the fabric of what NY offers. The founder, Jennie Saunders, had great vision.

In Villas Veritas

“Laura gets it — she has excellent taste and a great service acumen. She started her villa rental company 10+ years ago when she herself was frustrated by the poor service she & her family had experienced; the number of operators who sold a dream in photos and delivered a sub-par villa. Laura understands what her c...

Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas

It is difficult to source the very best experts; especially in a city where so many are touted in lifestyle press who are mostly fluff. I was on a mission and found Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas. Why go to second rate when you can consult with a Harvard MD who is solely focused on your results?

Kelly Locke

Kelly Locke’s hand-crafted unique accessories give that instant modern glamour to any outfit. You’ll catch other women staring, wondering where...

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