BluePrint Cleanse

A juice cleanse that doesn't get in the way of your day-to-day life. Three levels of intensity to choose from to rid your body of impurities, normalize your digestion, regain alkaline balance and feel great!

In Villas Veritas

“Laura, an American born in Paris and raised in Europe has an extensive & deep knowledge of the countries and marvelous homes available for rent though her network. As a long time villa renter herself, she understood what her clients wanted from a villa vacation: comfort, beauty, good location for touring, space for ...

KX Gym

Sleek setting & handsome design, cutting-edge equipment & classes, friendly attentive service, spotlessly clean and has a great café with fresh, inventive cuisine. How many gyms can you name like this?


You should never leave home without quality medical protection, especially if you’re traveling anywhere abroad.

IZO Cleanze

Need to lose a few pounds and clean up your toxed out system? Highly recommend this top-quality juices-only program for a week. The ingredients used in juices and teas are of the best quality, the owner/founder is on hand to support his clients; the effect: feel and look wonderful. Most lose at least a couple pounds if...

Organic Avenue

Clean up your insides, lose weight and remind yourself how good it feels to eat little, often and super healthy.

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