Aire Ancient Baths NY


“A handful of years ago I visited the original baths in Seville (there are now two other locations in Spain: Barcelona and Almeria) and have been longing to return ever since. (NB: This is one of those places and experiences, that frankly, is challenging to convey via words. It’s so much about the dim, glowy, beautiful looking, smelling and feeling YUM of it all.) So, lucky for us – now we don’t need to wait until our next Spain jaunt to soak in these special bath rituals.

True to old Roman custom, the thermal session at Aire has a series of water experiences – warm, hot, cold, steam, propeller jet, and saltwater – for a complete bath cycle. Add a massage or ritual (wine, cava, or olive oil) to your bath routine for an extra level of indulgence. You must try the flotarium (saltwater) pool - it’s as dense as the Dead Sea so you float immediately. Music plays from underwater as you float, taking in the beautiful mosaic ceiling. I was so happy to find that the New York location was just as memorable as the one in Seville, it’ll be hard to stay away!”
- Suzanne
(Date Experienced: September 2012)

Great for
Two hours of old-world relaxation where you really check out from the ‘real world’. An authentic health benefit to your lymphatic system in addition – if you are brave enough to do the hot-to-cold baths sequencing.

With whom
Perfect solo or with a friend or lover, or small group of friends – baths are co-ed except when reserved for private use. (Whispering only, so not a good place to catch up/chat.) *Must be at least 16 years of age.

Memorable moment
As my mother and I were going through the bathing cycles together, I decided to take a short break before my four-handed massage (which was pure delight, by the way). I got out of the cold water dip, feeling a little chilly and laid on one of the marble benches. I was surprised to find that it was perfectly heated for my comfort. I stayed there for a few extra minutes, sipping on fresh juice and enjoying what I’d call the luxury of it all. Such a welcome break from the typical, whitewashed spa experience.

Best time to go
Anytime - just make sure you book in advance as time slots fill up quickly. Open 7 days a week, well into the late evenings. How perfect for a spring evening, lazy summer morning, winter night or rainy/snowy afternoon.

Be aware
The space is as zen and spiritual as it gets without being religiously affiliated – not for everyone, but I can't think of anyone I know who wouldn't love this experience. A delight on the eyes and the senses.

$75 - $500 depending on service received. (Swimsuits and all toiletries provided or bring your own.)


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