Outstanding in the Field

Farm Dinners Across the Country

“What a great idea and a true sector-creator! These are the guys that pretty much made ‘Farm to Table’ a known concept which now countless restaurants and themed parties emulate with their own twists. This out-in-the-field, under the big sky, farm dinner that moves around the country, features local farmers, stunning settings, new chefs, and the freshest of ingredients at every location. Trusted Friends, The Beltrans, went to the Santa Barbara dinner at Fairview Gardens and simply loved it; we went to the recent East Hampton shindig – truly memorable high quality everything! The extensively long table (sat 200), set in the middle of the gardens, open to the sky with its changing colors – it was a sight to behold. As expected, the food and wine were delicious and perfectly paired with local wines from Channing Daughters Vineyards. Can’t wait to try another location next year.”
- Suzanne
(Date Experienced: September 2012 in East Hampton)

Great for
A supremely delicious farm-to-table meal; a unique learning and thoughtful experience to learn from local organic farmers.

With whom
Friends, family, your honey

Memorable moment
We really enjoyed meeting the farmers in their natural setting. They were so proud and passionate about their process and their produce. Knowing and seeing where most of the ingredients came from, made every bite that much more special.

Best time to go
Take a look at the 2012 American Tour schedule.

Be aware
Everything is served family style, so be prepared to chat and share with your neighbors. It does get quite chilly so dress in layers.

$180 - $220 per person, depending on location.


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