Amansala Bikini Boot Camp


“Amansala's Bikini Boot Camp is set in rustic Tulum, Mexico where simplicity is the luxury. Each day is well organized starting with a morning beach walk and ending with sunset yoga. Six hours of activities are available most days ranging from cardio and dance classes to bike excursions. Guests can do what they want, unlike many more regimented "bootcamps" - an aspect I really valued. Spa treatments are included in the pricing; and the massages are popular after a day of activity.

The staff and instructors contribute to the great energy and inspiring experience. Still, Amansala is as low key as its Tulum setting - you can participate in an activity or laze on the quiet beach. The food is healthy, delicious and nutritious. Meals are served at communal tables where the guests are relaxed and friendly, not seeming to mind the lack of matching towels or air conditioning!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend Constance Kassouf, NYC
(Date Experienced: April 2014)


Great for
Yoga retreat in a simple setting to chill, detox, jump start getting in better shape and checking out from everyday life.

With whom
The "Bikini Boot Camp" guests are mainly women with the occasional male partner.

Memorable moment
The Tulum ruins are spectacular, not to be missed, and very manageable - not overwhelming in space and size.

Best time to go
January to May. Avoid hurricane season: July to September!

Be aware
There are two buildings in which to stay. Amansala Chica is newer and nicer. The original Amansala is nearer the activities and closer to the ocean, but room quality varies...

$2500-$3000 per week, all meals and activities included.


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