“My boyfriend and I booked a long weekend at Amanusa Resort for a last minute getaway, as we’re only a short flight away. My only regret for the entire trip was that we couldn’t stay longer. It was the perfect weekend to go, and we felt like we practically had the whole place to ourselves. This was especially the case with the gorgeous pool. The pool staff were great too, keeping our ice waters constantly topped off, and setting up the bed and lounge chairs for us.

Which leads me to the spectacular staff throughout the entire property. They can’t do enough for you, from pool attendants, to bar tenders, to housekeeping and restaurant staff. The food too was absolutely delicious. You never need to go outside to enjoy an amazing meal. The beef rendang was honestly some of the best I’ve ever had and that is saying a lot! We were also blown away by the beach experience. The hotel jeep will take you down to the private beach featuring shaded beach huts and regular lounge chairs complete with cold towels, sun lotions and anything else you may require. Full food and beverage is offered all day, it was truly heaven. My boyfriend had to force me to leave so we could prepare for dinner!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Tanya Lee, Singapore
(Date Experienced: July 2015)

Great for
When you want to get away from the crowded streets and beaches of Bali, this truly feels like a sanctuary of tranquility.

With whom
I can’t imagine not coming with a romantic partner or family as you’ll want to share this experience with those closest to you.

Memorable moment
You can actually request to have your dinner on the beach. The staff takes care of EVERYTHING, even what tunes you want to listen to. We chose to listen to the soft ocean and I have to say, it was one of the most romantic experiences I’ve ever had.

Best time to go
July was perfect and not too busy. Hot: if you do not mind this weather.

Be aware
The resort is not actually ON the beach, though you can see the beach from it. However, it’s more than easy to arrange for a ride down to the beach any time you want to go.

Rooms start at $700 per night.


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