“We were so excited to finally stay here after the years of restoration, but believe me, it was worth the wait. The rooms are amazingly elegant, as is the entire estate. We enjoyed the peace and quiet throughout the grounds — took a picnic by the lake which was so lovely. The cuisine was absolutely amazing as well, we met with the executive chef and planned a menu around our tastes! It was like having our own private chef.”
- Trusted Friend: Victoria Martin, London, England
(Date experienced: May 2011)

Great for
Your history buff partner who will enjoy being sent back in time to this 19th century Regency mansion. Also a great place for wonderfully elaborate parties and weddings.

With whom
This is a perfect getaway with your better half.

Memorable moment
The whole estate is stunning — a highlight was taking a tour of the wine cellar with the sommelier to select our wine for dinner.

Best time to go
The grounds are magnificent: flowers and trees everywhere with a scenic lake on-site — make sure to go in the warmer months, June through August, to enjoy the outdoors.

Be aware
With only 15 rooms this is an intimate experience. All your meals are bespoke — you meet with Executive Chef Fred Cordonnier to discuss your tastes and plan your meals.

From $1,300 for a double room


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