Belle Mont Farm


“My wife and I waited a long time for Belle Mont Farm to open, and it was worth the wait! The property is in the opening stages and is beautiful, well run and has spectacular views from its location in a rainforest high on the mountainside. The resort is about 40 minutes from the airport, and as soon as we arrived, it seemed the entire staff knew us by name and we were a part of their family.

We stayed in a guest house which was perfect for the two of us. Complete privacy, our own private plunge pool, and even greetings from the locals in the mornings (the monkeys hanging around outside of our room)! The outside bathrooms were a first for us, but they were amazing. We really felt as if we were one with nature and one with the island. The calming sense and peace that surrounded us from the time we arrived can’t really be described with words. The restaurant was yet another highlight. I love farm to table, so I knew it would be worth a visit. The menu has a “build your own courses” tapas style layout, and it was really fun to experiment with different dishes at combos at each sitting. Everything is harvested from organic farms surrounding the property… can’t get much fresher or locally sourced than that.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Tyrone Thomas, Maine
(Date Experienced: March 2015)

Great for
Exploring! You can start at your cottage door and continue through miles of farmland, tropical forest, cane fields, etc. We hopped on bikes and explored a path that weaved down to The Golden Lemon Beach Bar, then went for a swim and hitched a ride back on a golf cart.

With whom
Go with a partner or friend. There’s so much to do and you’ll want to experience it all with someone else!

Memorable moment
Playing a round at Irie Fields, an edible golf course on the property. Walking the course is encouraged, and the local caddies will share where the ripest, juiciest fruit is ready to pick and eat right there on the course! You can’t get that in Scotland…

Best time to go
Any time. I’m already planning our next trip!

Be aware
If you don’t enjoy being outdoors and in nature, look elsewhere. This property is all about experiencing the nature and scenery around you. It’s integrated into everything they offer.

Rooms start at $1600 per night.


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