Blackberry Farm


“I got the relaxing weekend I was hoping for, my husbandgot to enjoy a ton of outdoor activities and even got me out on a trail for an afternoon of geocaching, which was much like going on a classic, beautiful treasure-hunt. The Smoky Mountains setting was stunning, and it set the perfect tone for a spellbinding getaway. Blackberry Farm is known for gourmet food, which did not disappoint!

Every meal was spectacular, and it was particularly nice to know that they source so many ingredients from the property itself, turning run-of-the-mill dishes (chicken? grits?) into home-grown culinary masterpieces served in a grand, rustic “barn.” Our room was small but impeccably decorated, with luscious linens that would’ve made getting out of bed hard to do if there weren’t so many reasons to be up and about. I was surprised to see that there were entire families visiting, and at dinner one evening three teenage brothers told us about their paintballing experience. If you go with your family, consider booking one of the cottages which looked incredible! Everything about the atmosphere is conducive to unique relaxation; the fact that even my husband was able to tear himself away from his laptop just to relax in rocking chairs overlooking The Smokies is proof that this place is something special!"

- Trusted Friend: Lissette Schuller, NYC
(Date Experienced: September 2012)

Great for
Your particular style of relaxation, whatever it happens to be.

With whom
It’s a great spot for a romantic escape, but going with friends or bringing the whole family are also recommended!

Memorable moment
Exploring the property via golf cart (if you prefer, a staff member will drive you in a Lexus) and winding up at the dog kennel where we met their beautiful Lagotto Romagnolo dogs trained to hunt truffles on the property.

Best time to go
All year, each season has its own benefit.

Be aware
The weather is least severe in the spring and fall, but the grounds are so beautiful that I wouldn’t mind cozying up in a cottage in the winter or lounging outside mid-summer. The wine markup is pretty steep, but the cellar has over 150,000 bottles so you’ll definitely find something that’s worth it!

$745 - $5,600 depending on season and lodging (includes meals, snacks, and nonalcoholic beverages)


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