Borgo San Pietro


“I go to Italy almost every year for a dose of long, languorous, sunny Mediterranean afternoons. This is one of my favorite places to visit. The beautifully restored 13th-century villa is set in rolling Tuscan countryside. The area is dotted with pretty medieval villages and a drive around is highly recommended for a slice of local life and some stunning views. Back at the hotel, there are 13 acres of lovely grounds. I love taking an aimless wander and getting mildly lost, happening across a herb garden here or an antique fountain there. The whole atmosphere is relaxed yet refined: owners Jeanette and Claus are super welcoming and just 15 suites makes it feel small and intimate. There’s a great spa and pool - although I prefer swimming in the nearby river - clear, clean and peaceful.”
- Trusted friend Claude Walker, New York
(Date Experienced: September 2012)

Great for
A romantic Tuscany.

With whom
Whoever you feel most relaxed with - children are welcomed, although there are not dedicated facilities for them an they might not really appreciate the gentle outdoor activities and low-key, relaxed atmosphere.

Memorable moment
A romantic dinner set up in the Rose Garden.

Best time to go
Spring and autumn are warm without being too hot and the area is less crowded than high summer.

Be aware
Without taking a car it can be hard to go anywhere other than the hotel for dinner - however the food here is delicious home-made Italian classics, so you may not want to deviate anyway...

From €395.


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