Botanique Hotel and Spa


“A place where nature and architecture come together in such harmony and magnificence, that it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else. Eleven villas, six suites, restaurant, and spa all surrounded by 700 acres of forests and botanical gardens. I couldn’t get enough of the striking visuals – especially after a multi-day business trip in Sao Paolo. Somewhat of an amateur photographer, everywhere I looked seemed to be calling my camera for a shot. Most of the hotel is built with local chocolate slate, mahogany, and stone; the rest is glass – stunning! The spa is utter indulgence. The wellness menu ranges from massage treatments to water based therapies – featuring a number of indigenous Brazilian herbs and cures. Oh, and what’s even more relaxing, there is a one kilometer non-motorized zone surrounding the hotel – which just adds to the total sense of retreat.”
- Trusted friend Isabella Ferrera, Mexico City
(Date Experienced: December 2012)

Great for
A real life escape.

With whom
A lover or solo to rest.

Memorable moment
Dinner at Mina was exceptional. The restaurant is completely made of glass with 180 degree views of the mountains and river valley, so breathtaking! While we dined upon contemporary Brazilian cuisine (all “farm to fork”), a piano player keyed old Brazilian tunes in the background. At the end of our meal, our waiter offered an extensive cigar selection for an after dinner smoke – my husband was in heaven!

Best time to go
Spring and autumn are best for ideal weather – summer (12/22 – 3/21) can get hot and sticky, winter (6/22 – 9/21) can get quite cold.

Be aware
After a few days of true bliss, you might find it hard to head back home…

$1,200 a night and up.


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