Bulgari Resort Bali


“This is a resort where you can completely unplug and unwind without having to make any compromises in terms of comfort and amenities. Basically, you’re away from it all, but it can all be at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. I visited the resort with my sister, neither of us having been to Bali – what a great introduction to paradise! The rooms are villas, which, like the rest of the resort, provide a definite “we’re not in Kansas anymore...” feel, along with familiar features and decadent amenities that make it a super comfortable, eye-opening place.

The villas have Balinese characteristics like thatched ceilings, and ours included a private plunge pool, patio, and outdoor living room with a superb view. We each had two massages and requested the same therapists for both, as they were so skilled. To top it off, the dining was wonderful! We especially enjoyed the Italian restaurant on the property, Il Ristorante. The truffle pasta is definitely worth the extra calories! For more local cuisine, The Sangkar is the place to go, but as with everything on the property, you need not think too hard when choosing, as we didn’t find a single way to go wrong!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend Karin Golden Hert, San Francisco
(Date Experienced: February 2014)

Great for
A Balinese experience with all the comforts of home.

With whom
Small groups or couples will enjoy the resort’s intimate style, but there is plenty of space for larger family groups as well, and judging by the guests we saw, children enjoy the trip too!

Memorable moment
We LOVED visiting “The Bar,” where fabulous cocktails are served cliff-side.

Best time to go
If you have to choose, the dry season (mid-May through late October) is your best bet for good weather, although the prices tend to be higher since it’s peak season.

Be aware
When strolling around the park, definitely remember your camera! You’ll regret leaving it behind, and security is really tight so you need not worry about toting it around.

$1,000 - $7,000 per night, depending on room and availability


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