Cavas Wine Lodge


“My mom and I wanted a week away to feel spoiled and enjoy some spectacular wine… so we ventured to Cavas Wine Lodge referred by a friend. We’ve been to so many vineyards together, but this may take the cake. Firstly, if you’re in Mendoza, this is where you have to stay, plain and simple. The hotel is both contemporary and classic, and mixes the two styles in a very nice way. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous and immediately evoke a sense of relaxation. Exactly what we were looking for.

The rooms are literally situated among the grape vines and have fabulous views of the Andes above the vineyards. We sat on a chaise longue on the roof of our room in front of our own personal outdoor fireplace watching the sun setting over the Andes while drinking wine and enjoying appetizers. Picturesque is an understatement. I could have easily stayed in the room all day enjoying the fireplace and coziness if it wasn’t for the wonderful wines that awaited us. The only thing better than the views was the staff. On cool nights, we discovered hot water bottles tucked between the blankets at our feet. Loved that! The staff was super attentive, yet we could also feel absolutely secluded if we wanted. Rarely does a property exceed our expectations by so much.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Tara Sherlock, Short Hills, NJ
(Date Experienced: February 2015)

Great for
Two simple things: great wine and relaxation. Take advantage of the wine cellar tasting which is included in the evenings around 7pm. The cellar is spectacular, the tastings were very educational, and it was also a fun way to meet other guests.

With whom
Go with someone you love. You won’t want to experience those views solo, you’ll want to share it with someone!

Memorable moment
We set our alarms one morning to watch the sunrise from our patio with expansive 360 degree views of the vines. Breathtaking!

Best time to go
We went in the fall. The weather was crisp and perfect to sit on the patio and enjoy with a light jacket.

Be aware
This is for die hard wine lovers only!

Room start at around $400 per night, depending on time of year and availability.


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