Deer Lake Lodge


“My stay at Deer Lake Lodge was nothing short of a life-changing experience. I stayed solo for three nights and sincerely enjoyed every minute of it. I went alone to seriously detox my body, and felt totally relaxed and comfortable. The staff are the heart and soul of this place and clearly love what they do. There was such a positive and peaceful vibe that it was contagious. This was my first solo trip, and I found myself at ease, serene even, as I was walked through my planned daily schedule of activities, classes and spa treatments for the next few days.

The detox drinks and raw soups were much better than I imagined they might be, and others seemed to agree! My favorite part of the trip had to be April’s classes on essential oils and organic nutrition. There is something so inspiring about learning from someone with such a fun, enthusiastic approach to wellness. The spa treatments were also phenomenal and left my skin glowing and muscles feeling relaxed.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Dawn Bretteridge, Cherry Creek, Colorado
(Date Experienced: March 2015)

Great for
It’s great for those looking to revamp and recharge, both physically and mentally. Relaxation and cleansing of the body, mind, and soul is what their website reads and what I found to be true.

With whom
I recommend going solo. It’s easier to concentrate on why you’re there and just relax.

Memorable moment
Their annual Raw Food weekend was going on during my stay. Even though I chose not to eat, the chefs made those of us not eating feel included by allowing us to sample raw drinks they were preparing for the other participants. I learned so much about healthy meal preparation and holistic living in general during the chef demonstrations. 

Best time to go
Go in warmer months so you can fully enjoy and beautiful pool and stunning outdoor spaces at the property.

Be aware
Understand that this is a very focused program which may challenge you in ways that aren't comfortable. You should take seriously the prep that's suggested several days in advance. It's not an experience to be confused with more traditional spas, the focus is very much on the detoxing/cleansing component.

Rooms can be anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 a night, depending on dates and room type.


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