Domaine de la Baume


“My fiancé and I arrived at night after touring a couple of scenic villages nearby in a rental car. We were greeted with a glass of wine before enjoying the wonderful supper that was brought to our room. You can only imagine our excitement the next morning when we opened the curtains and saw the extent of the immaculate gardens and surrounding countryside. Tucked away about an hour from the busy highways in the hills of Provence, this was such a treat after the crowds in the cities we visited prior.

As it’s the former home of artist Bernard Buffet, there are lithographs done by him throughout the hotel, adding that much more history and character to the property. The entire place is cozy and intimate, a perfect complement to the stunning grounds. The pool looked very inviting, though we didn’t make use of it, and there’s a small waterfall on the property which was very picturesque. The food also must be mentioned! We had cold pea soup followed by the most sublime risotto, and split a steak tartare dish. All paired with a white wine that had been bottled nearby. Talk about getting the full experience. I also recommend renting a car and driving to the Valley Gorges, think the European version of the Grand Canyon, yet more beautiful if possible!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Ian Parker, Edinburgh, Scotland
(Date Experienced: August 2015)

Great for
No other signs of civilization in a peaceful paradise!

With whom
This is such a romantic property, but I could also seeing bringing our future children here as everyone should get to enjoy it.

Memorable moment
The most amazing part of our trip: a private cooking class with Chef Francois Martin. Every Sunday morning you can accompany him to the vegetable garden, participate in the cooking lesson, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor! It was spectacular.

Best time to go
Go in the summer so you can fully enjoy the gardens in the sun, but book well in advance.

Be aware
It would be nearly impossible to enjoy without a car as it’s slightly out of the way, and you’ll need one to explore the area. However, we had a great GPS system and found it without any problems.

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