Ett Hem


“My husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to Stockholm, and he surprised me by booking here for our last two nights. Ett Hem means “at home” and is a fitting name for this stunning boutique hotel. Ilse Crawford’s interior design is second to none, with modern and classic pieces that contribute to an atmosphere where we felt both pampered and welcomed. Upon our arrival, the chef showed us around the kitchen and asked about our meal preferences and even where we would like to eat! We stayed in a beautiful junior suite overlooking the garden, and I was truly won over by the aromatic candles and Kiehls products. The house feels like a dream home, and the extra rooms like the library and orangery (yes, orangery) make it a true treasure that we’ll miss until our return!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friends: Ginebra & Stephen Coffet, Boston
(Date Experienced: October 2013)

Great for
Taking a beautiful break in a busy city.

With whom
Design enthusiasts will be head over heels. It’s a great spot for couples and perhaps slightly older families, as young children might not be as keen on the quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Memorable moment
Enjoying a blissful afternoon in the spa that was all my own!

Best time to go
A stunner year-round, even wintry weather provides a great excuse to stay inside and simply enjoy.

Be aware
The atmosphere is so magical that you won’t want to leave the house. I’m not exaggerating! As such, this is a great place to stay when exploring the rest of Stockholm isn’t a priority.

$600 - $1,400 per night depending on room and season.


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