Explora Patagonia


“As a couple in our mid-fifties, my husband and I were looking for an adventurous holiday where we could also relax as needed. That’s exactly what we found at Explora in Chile. We’re not typically crazy about all-inclusive properties, but here, the focus is on exploring and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you. And that we did! We spent a week at Explora, and couldn’t imagine exploring this amazing park in fewer days.

Firstly, views of the snow-peaked mountains and crystal blue waters are available in nearly every single room: our bedroom, bathroom, the lobby, you name it. Some rooms face a small waterfall, but we paid a bit extra to look onto the mountains and it was worth every penny. The real draw here, however, are all the activities to take part in. There are many different hikes you can experience, each tailored to one’s ability. We’re both pretty fit, and the Sierra del Toro and Pingo River made for great trekking. A very generous lunch is always packed and provided when needed before heading out on the adventure of your choice. This came in handy as many free guided walks can be from about two hours to all day. The guides at Explora made our stay even more special. They are knowledgeable, warm, fun and so passionate about what they do. Our entire holiday was full of lovely surprises, least of which was how much we enjoyed this place and can’t wait to get back.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Margaret Hallowell, Sedona, AZ
(Date Experienced: May 2015)

Great for
Being in the challenging outdoors and exploring the most beautiful mountains and lakes. This isn’t the place to go and read a book!

With whom
Couples or families looking for adventure in beautiful Patagonia.

Memorable moment
Even if you’re not an experienced horse rider, I implore you to go on a riding trip. They were the best horses we’ve ever ridden (so well-trained), and it gives such a different perspective of the landscape. After the ride, we relaxed in the hot outdoor jacuzzi and chatted about the amazing experience we’d just had.

Best time to go
We traveled in May which was great – there was hardly anyone there so we felt very exclusive, the weather was perfect, and there was less harsh winds which we had been warned about before planning the trip.

Be aware
It’s certainly a journey to get there. The 5 hour car trip is a killer after a long flight, but it’s so worth it once you arrive.

Rooms start around $1,700 depending on rates and availability.


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