Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows


“In my opinion, this is the best property of its size that Santa Monica has to offer. The room options (I’d go only for the private entrance bungalows) are varied, the grounds/gardens lovely, the outdoor sitting areas serene and just across Ocean Ave: the big, wide, never-ending beach. This is not a plush nor a top-style/top-end property — it is not trying to be. It is, however, more than comfortable and offers much more value for money than Shutters on the Beach across the street. An easy base with very nice staff and a great restaurant called FIG.”
- Suzanne (Date Experienced: March 2011)

Great for
A family vacation — kids will love it! The pool is easy and protected as well; the grounds gated.

With whom
Again: this is a kidsy place. Fun with a few families who all have children around the same age.

Memorable moment
The excellent breakfast at FIG with early morning light streaming in the large french doors overlooking the pool and gardens. A delight.

Best time to go
February through October to enjoy the beach and all it has to offer

Be aware
There are elements that make one think “upscale motel”. This is mostly due to the lobby/main floor layout & what has been kept of the original famous building.

From $375


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