Glenmere Mansion


“With the architecture of Tuscany, service that runs like a Swiss watch, masterfully appointed interiors and superb attention to detail this property deserves status as a top new place to stay near NYC.”
- Trusted Friend: Elizabeth Galt, Greenwich, CT
(Date Experienced: December 2010)

Great for
The romantic getaway... or for a sporty weekend. The property has 150 acres and is only 50 miles from New York City.

With whom
Best for couples, or alone for RRR (rest, relaxation and reading)

Memorable moment
Hearing the story, told with passion and humor by owner Alan Stenberg, of the transformation of Goelet’s old hunting estate by he and his partner into this beautiful small hotel, successfully reflecting a collection of the best elements compiled from a lifetime as travelers staying in the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Best time to go
The setting is gorgeous, with long vistas of the lake and Catskill mountains, so Fall is particularly beautiful. There are big stone fireplaces in several beautifully appointed common rooms and in most of the rooms as well.

Be aware
This is a destination, close to New York City, for a lovely respite. It is not the Hamptons. Orange County, New York, is very low key and not full of chic restaurants, or fabulous museums.

From $550 to $3,500 which includes a creative continental breakfast served in a different location each day.


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