Hacienda Temozon


“The hotel of choice in the Yucatan. Originally a 16th century family-run plantation, this is now the most luxurious hacienda hotel in the Peninsula. The quiet grounds are infused throughout with local artisanry and history.”
- Trusted Friend: Monica Lopez, Mexico City
(Date Experienced: February 2011)

Great for
An intimate and quiet escape — arrange for a romantic dinner served in a hideway lit by twinkling candles.

With whom
Your better half

Memorable moment
Experiencing traditional Mayan massage techniques in the Hol Bé spa — treatments take place in a tranquil candlelit underground cavern.

Best time to go
Winter or spring. Summer can be really hot and humid (despite the glorious pool in the gardens).

Be aware
You are surrounded by sub-tropical jungle — not much to do locally so either rent a car for excursions or just stay and enjoy your distance from the rest of the world.

From $220


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