Heidelberg Suites


“Couldn’t have asked for a better stay in Heidelberg. The location is supreme – at the foot of the Old Bridge, which takes you across to the historic town, also conveniently providing the property with outstanding views of the river and castle. The interiors are to die for – all designed by Michele Bönan, who wowed us with the J.K. Place interiors in Florence and Capri as well. And the suites (not rooms) are fully equipped, including complimentary wifi, flat-panel televisions, a kitchen and mini-bar.

One of our favorite things to do was to enjoy the complimentary breakfast each morning, which was quite nice, and then rent bicycles from the hotel, riding them along the river and over to the town of Heidelberg. It was the perfect way to enjoy the surroundings and see the sights. We will undoubtedly return here, such a pleasure.”
- Trusted Friend: Joan Gallagher, Dublin
(Date Experienced: November 2013)

Great for
A modern, sophisticated stay in one of Germany’s most romantic cities.

With whom
As a couple or with the family – neat little city for cultured teens.

Memorable moment
Walking into the lobby I immediately fell in love with the décor. Everything about it was just perfection – I want to redo our entire apartment in the same style: neutral color palette, clean-lined furniture, classical sculptures, framed silhouettes with creative accents throughout. Classic yet incredibly chic. Oh and the views added a whole other dimension (which unfortunately I won’t be able to replicate at home), enormous windows overlooking the Neckar river and Heidelberg Castle. Breathtaking.

Best time to go
Summer is always best for the warmest temperatures and least rainfall, although I also think the holiday season in Heidelberg is quite special.

Be aware
This is a boutique hotel, so the staff is on the smaller size – sometimes it takes a little time to get things done. But they always get done, and very well at that. Tip: Patience and a smile usually help speed things along.

From $360 to $820.


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