Hob Knob


“Exactly what we wanted for a much needed unwind. Hob Knob has that perfectly picturesque feel you expect when in Martha’s Vineyard – floral prints, rocking chairs, scenic grounds, bikes for rent - seaside charm at its best. I love the hotel’s eco-friendly lifestyle – from the property’s recycling practices to the entirely organic menu, everything maintains a focus on the environment and sustainability. Yet not an ounce of luxury is spared. The bathroom products are Aveda (my favorite!) and the linens are Frette, the staff is small and graceful and the property is beyond pretty! I’d recommend requesting a picnic basket, riding a bike into town (leaving your cell in the room) and enjoying the life of leisure. A stay here literally melts away your stress, I’m making this my new summer-time second home!”
- Experienced by Trusted Friends Jake & George Kiley, Hastings-on-Hudson
(Date Experienced: June 2014)

Great for
A sunny weather retreat, weekends away from the city. Lovely location for a wedding!

With whom
Your other half. Children under the age of seven aren’t allowed, and frankly this isn’t a place you’ll want to bring the whole family. Best for a quiet getaway for two.

Memorable moment
Sunset cocktails on the wrap around porch. We’d spend our days out and about town, walking along the beach, riding bicycles, shopping around – nothing was more relaxing than to come back to our hotel, wash up and enjoy a refreshing drink while watching the sun go down. The porch is out of a magazine, intimate sitting areas with wicker chairs and stunning views – romantic and relaxing to the full extent.

Best time to go
Spring and summer for sunshine and heat. The colors during the fall are fabulous too.

Be aware
The hotel does not have a pool, if that’s something you require for a summertime vacation.

Starting at $150 a night, depending on season and room choice.


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