Hotel Quintessence


“This is the only place we’ve found to our tastes to stay in Mont Tremblant, and is fast becoming a top ski location as well. Location is great: five minutes walk from the village and ski runs with cars on hand to drive you to the lifts if you’re too cold/tired to walk. The hotel is situated on the lake, making it a good Spring/Summer destination as well. Staff are completely on the ball - almost telepathic in their anticipation of our needs, whether it was hot chocolate waiting for us in the bar before we had even got our ski boots off, or the fire blazing away in the room to warm us up after a day on the slopes. Just 30 suites, so it always feels personal and never crowded. We have been when it is full and when it’s empty - same charming service and cosy atmosphere.”
- Experienced by trusted friends Jillian and Michael Feinstein, Morristown, NJ
(Date Experienced: January 2013)

Great for
An old-world ski break or a year-round special occasion spot.

With whom
Take the family - the staff are welcoming towards kids of any ages and the area is great for family skiing. Plenty for older non-skiers to do as well. Clagett’s Cabin is a private, cosy stay for romantic couples.

Memorable moment
Enjoying the warmth of the outdoor hot tub while two deer wander over from the surrounding snowy countryside - it couldn’t have been planned better!

Best time to go
It really is a year-round destination: ski in Winter, hike and enjoy the lake in Summer. (non-stop flights from Newark airport make it easy!)

Be aware
In the depths of Winter the ski conditions can be hard with strong winds and driving snow - and low, low temperatures. Be prepared to spend the day with a book and hot cocoa instead if needed.

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