Hotel Saint-Barth
Isle de France


“This hotel is well known among upscale and in-the-know travelers for its chi chi appeal, beautiful guest rooms surrounded by interesting topography, wonderful restaurants and shopping. The Hotel St-Barth Isle de France is most definitely the hotel of choice for the "it" crowd - and is therefore not for everyone! The setting alone justifies this top destination. Located on Flamands beach, a short distance from the capital port town of Gustavia, the hotel is a picture of quiet luxury with breath taking views.

Each of the rooms, bungalows, suites and villas is spacious and beautifully decorated in soft colored linens and cottons that capture the peacefulness of the island. All of the guest rooms have been totally renovated within the last three years and most have indoor or outdoor kitchenettes (handy for the early riser amongst your family!)

We loved our one bedroom tropical villa complete with a private pool, impressive child pool alarm system ,outdoor kitchenette and lovely wicker furniture. It was quiet and so comfortable to have a morning espresso in the privacy of our own garden.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend Louise Loia, Greenwich, CT
(Date Experienced: March 2014)

Great for
A long weekend away to indulge in a little piece of France - sur la plage.

With whom
Your spouse, with the kids ( over 12) or a group of friends.

Memorable moment
A buffet breakfast or selections from the menu will start your day at the stunning al fresco restaurant, La Case de I’sle. Beware: the food, very expensive, was not as good as it should be and the service, aloof and somewhat indifferent.

Best time to go
November to April ( The hotel is closed annually from August 31 until October 14).

Be aware
If you rent a car, choose one with an automatic transmission. This will make it easier while navigating the hilly terrain. The hotel offers 40 perfect accommodations including 1bedroom suites with private infinity pool and views of the sea, two bedroom suites with two full bathrooms, separate sitting room, private pool and patio kitchen. The spacious junior beach suites facing the sea are located in the main building and the 3-bedroom villa complete with private butler service. Enquire about different room / suite types and pricing as there is quite a spread.

Spa & Gym
All manner of spa services can be arranged in the lovely spa. Massages, beauty and body treatments, facials and reflexology. I enjoyed the Rejuvinate infusion facial using oxygen and special collagen serum. The gym is an afterthought, but I'm sure they will be upgrading it as LVMH now owns the property and will invest as needed.

From €600 per night, including breakfast


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