Hotel Teatro


“This is definitely a hotel you have to experience. From the moment you walk in you really feel like you’re at the theater — the keys are even tickets! The rooms are sleekly designed and the bed was big and comfortable, just what we needed after spending the day exploring Porto. The location is key — right in the middle of the charming city.”
- Trusted Friend: Kip & Kelly Kingsland, Guernsey UK
(Date Experienced: July 2012)

Great for
A unique design hotel experience as well as a great place to stay while enjoying Porto.

With whom
This is best shared with your lover

Memorable moment
Our two + hour walk in town followed by a fantastic, rich meal at a tiny restaurant with just six tables.

Best time to go
Anytime of the year, outside of July & August.

Be aware
The hotel is designed to look and feel like a theater — think dimly lit interiors without much natural light. The rooms also lack privacy within — the bathrooms have glass walls. It's a 'theme'.

Beginning at $150


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