King Pacific Lodge


“My family was never particularly outdoorsy, but we were relieved that we didn't have to travel far and that the burden of choosing a good spot to meet our son's in-laws for the first time didn't fall on us! My husband and I were prepared to be good sports and even steeled ourselves for some hiking, if not actual "roughing it." KPL not only blew our expectations out of the water, it made hikers, whale watchers, even fishermen of us - and genuinely enthusiastic ones at that! The range of activities was astounding, as was the execution of each excursion thanks to the wonderful staff. We were given itineraries each night, the staff lodge having taken care of all of the planning and particulars of whichever activity we chose.

The guides were equally impressive and accommodating, tending to the needs of our whole group, regardless of age or skill level. Both my fishing-impaired husband and I caught Chinook over 20 lbs, as well as some pink salmon and halibut, and our seasoned in-laws agreed that even they learned a lot from the technically skilled naturalists leading the trips. The grounds are resplendent with wildlife, and the seamlessly situated lodge made us feel as if we were part of nature, not encroaching upon it. True to our leisure-oriented selves, my husband and I scheduled plenty of more relaxed activities that also did not disappoint. Watching whales bubble feeding was a delight, and our trip to observe the Kermode bears was at once mind-blowing and peaceful. We never expected such an experience purely because, even after reading reviews and speaking with other guests, we could never have imagined that something so spectacular existed.

Truly, the greatest aspect of our trip to KPL was the perfect bonding experience it provided for our new family. In our week at the lodge, we seemingly cultivated a decade’s worth of unforgettable family memories. Despite there being plenty of opportunities for secluded relaxation, the lodge’s intimate lounges and gorgeous outdoor decks made us all want to spend our free time together, learning about each other while enjoying sensational views and masterpiece meals in a perfect family setting."
- Trusted friend Carmen Dix, Carmel, CA (Date Experienced: October 2012)

Great for
Unparalleled experiences with both wild creatures and fellow travelers

With whom
Family family family.

Memorable moment
Standing just feet away from white bears on Campania Island, as well as a stunning helicopter ride from the lodge to grizzly-laden fjords ...

Best time to go
Late spring and summer, to capitalize on the range of outdoor experiences.

Be aware
Getting to the lodge via small plane or boat may sound disconcerting, but keep in mind that it’s all part of the experience, and enjoy the view! Also, don’t balk at the lack of iPod docks and in-room televisions, as you won’t miss them whatsoever. The wifi is more than enough.

$4,900 - $29,300 depending on room and vacation package

Contact via phone: 604.987.5452 or 888.592.5464 (North America)

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