La Réserve Paris


“Finding a place suitable for our annual family trip is always a bit of challenge, as we have two teenagers and one young child. The apartment-style rooms at La Réserve turned out to be perfect for us. Not only are the apartments really spacious, they’re also fully serviced, with everything from a chef on-call to a tutor! Being able to enjoy meals with a great view of the Eiffel Tower was the icing on the cake; no complaints from our family.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend Gary Wright Benson, Dallas
(Date Experienced: January 2015)

Great for
A getaway in the heart of the city. We packed our days with a lot of activities, but simply spending the day relaxing in these gorgeous apartments must be a treat as well.

With whom
Any group!

Memorable moment
Ending a day of sightseeing with a relaxing drink in our private garden.

Best time to go
Private terraces and outdoor areas are best enjoyed in mild weather, but this is a solid go-to year round.

Be aware
The personal chef is happy to whip anything up, and it’s particularly fun to shop for groceries and then sit back while dinner is prepared.

$2,000 per night and up


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