Le Meurice


“There are few hotels in the world that can compare with Le Meurice in its fascinating history, beauty and celebrity guest list. It is, and deserves to be, one of Europe's most famous, coveted hotels. This is a luxe stay - to say the least. Dine in the 3 star Michelin restaurant of Yannick Alleno, have a bite or cocktail in the sumptuous bar or relax and dine while people watching in the grand Restaurant Le Dali, named after Salvador Dali who was a long time guest of the hotel for more than 30 years.

The hotel is so steeped in history since 1771 and in its extensive two year renovation that I suggest you request a private tour with Marie-Aude Laurent, one of the managers. She is so knowledgeable and engaging, your stay will be even more meaningful; we learned so much through her wonderful historical stories. Each of the 160 rooms, suites and apartments resembles an 18th century Parisian home, so you feel the real 'style Parisien'. Natural light is abundant throughout the hotel which I find unusual and a really lovely attribute. The Italian marble used in the bathrooms is exquisite. No need to schedule a massage as the shower is the best I have ever experienced!”
- Trusted Friend: Louise Loia, Mallorca, Spain
(Date Experienced: October 2012)

Great for
Special celebrations or when the Francophile in you needs some Paris!

With whom
Your amante ...

Memorable moment
No matter how often I have been to Paris, the most memorable moment always is seeing the Eiffel Tower. This time, from Le Meurice, we were able to see it from our guest room window in all its sparkling splendor whilst sipping a wonderful Champagne pre-dinner.

Best time to go
Avoid August in Paris, but any time in this classic French palace would be a very special experience in "Le Genie francais de l'art de vivre" (French genius for the art of living).

Be aware
Two things... If you want to breakfast in the magnificent 17th century dining room, Restaurant le Meurice, reserve a table as it is frequented by both hotel guests and others. Ask for a table by the window to enjoy the view of the Tuileries Garden and soak in the romantic elegance of Versailles. Upon leaving the hotel, be sure to check the bicycle lane which is very close to the waiting area for taxis. One can easily miss it and you wouldn't want to suffer a collision.

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