Montage Laguna Beach


“Right smack on top of a beautiful sandy & rocky beach, this large resort is a Hollywood star magnet for good reason. An easy 1+ hour drive from LA (time it right per traffic), the property provides a fabulous getaway for various needs such as family, business retreat, girls spa weekend, couples chill time, fitness splurge. Rooms are handsomely designed, many with special views and the sound of crashing waves as you dose off. Don't miss the beach boot camp (complimentary at 8am a few times per week) or the lap pool if swimming is your thing. The outdoor fire pit looking onto the Pacific is a cool place for an evening cocktail and the spa is stunning and not to be missed. One of the best hotel gyms conceptualized is here - how do you not feel motivated by the shimmering ocean and walkers/joggers in plain view!?”
- Suzanne (Date Experienced: December 2012)

Great for
Beach workouts (in-house trainers are very good), poolside reading & snacks, wandering around town in Laguna and sitting in front of the firepit meeting guests from all over the world

With whom
Partner, family (multi-generational works well here), business partners offsite, girlfriends

Memorable moment
We sat in the lap pool hot tub outside after my laps, for at least an hour! That was the start of our great California relaxation.

Best time to go
Late Spring and Fall. Winter can be very pretty too! Think of this as an easy long weekend from anywhere in the US you can fly non-stop to LA or Long Beach (even closer)

Be aware
Expensive — you are charged for literally everything other than morning coffee - at top prices.

Price per night
From $445


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