Mukul Luxury Resort


“If “breathtaking” were literal, I would’ve been a goner at Mukul, where there are natural stunning vistas in every direction. Thankfully, I simply came away a very happy guest with a renewed love and respect for what I – a New Yorker – tend to forget is our gorgeous planet. I vacationed here with my sister and her son who was visiting from college. The bohios situated on top of hills made for some of the most peaceful, impressive lodgings possible, as they felt relatively secluded with golf-cart-driving staff at the ready to transport you to the beach, pool, etc. at a moment’s notice.

My nephew was a little bit skeptical about shacking up with his mother and me, but the ease of movement via golf cart made him much more comfortable. The food at the resort was fantastic, and definitely more varied than we had expected from a meal plan (which includes breakfast, lunch, and cocktails until 5pm). The restaurant staff was particularly enthusiastic, and it was clear that they’re passionate about what they do, always willing to serve samples of their favorite drinks and dishes. The on-site amenities were more than enough to satisfy the needs of my sister and me, but my nephew enjoyed excursions arranged by the hotel, which provided help with logistics and even packed food. Back at the resort, the incredible spa featured one of the most varied facial and massage “menus” I have ever seen. Activities are all geared towards enjoying the incredible natural offerings of Nicaragua; perhaps the most impressive aspect of this paradisiacal resort is its blend of luxury and environmental consciousness, instilling in us a deep appreciation and respect for the land by providing an unparalleled experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth.”
- Trusted friend Amber Tannet, New York
(Date Experienced: February 2013)

Great for
Getting close to nature without leaving the lap of luxury.

With whom
Loved ones of any kind.

Memorable moment
Our favorite excursion was volcano boarding! Certainly the first time I’ve slid down a scenic volcano. I was glad I had the guts to do it, and equally happy to wash off the ash with a trip to the gorgeous beach afterwards.

Best time to go
The dry season, from November through May (but beware of ultra hot temperatures come April!)

Be aware
If you’re with children or don’t want to feel too secluded, a bohio closer to the beach or even on the ocean may be most favorable.

$525 - $925 depending on season and type of lodging.


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