“My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Nihiwatu and I’m happy to share that it was the best holiday of our lives. This truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’re not the typical “sit at the resort and drink cocktails by the pool” type couple, and we found this resort as a place of adventure but also relaxation. This is a rare combination to master, but to say Nihiwatu does it perfectly would be an understatement. Settled in a stunning part of Indonesia, it’s an untouched space with all the luxuries possible.

Upon arrival, we were provided our own butler who attended to our every need, from figuring out our daily schedule of activities to any food requests, etc. We learned to surf on some of the best waves in the world, did free diving certification, spear fished (and then ate our catch!), jumped into waterfalls, rode horses at sunset, went on a spa safari to a remote location, and much more. It’s an adventure seeker’s paradise to be sure. However, what sets this place above the rest (among everything else), are the people. Your fellow guests are incredible like-minded travelers interested in the authenticity of this amazing place, but the real draw are the locals who make up nearly all of the staff. They are always smiling and happy, and so genuine. We honestly wouldn’t have changed a thing about our honeymoon, and the staff are to thank for that! ”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Tom Evans, Durham, England
(Date Experienced: July 2014)

Great for
Adventuring in one of the most remote and unspoiled places of beauty imaginable. Where else can you kite board in the incredible surf then immediately horseback ride along the beach at sunset?

With whom
This is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever traveled to, and I was happy to go with my wife. However, there were many groups of friends as well, which would be quite fun to experience with a larger group of people.

Memorable moment
We took a mountain bike ride into the village, and it’s an absolute must. It’s like traveling back in time, and we got such great insight into the Sumbanese culture and environment.

Best time to go
There’s no wrong time to go to Bali, but try to plan it around a full moon. When we were there they threw a full moon party on top of the hill. It was fantastic.

Be aware
Our only complaint is that we felt that 6 days weren’t enough. Next time we will plan to stay longer to make sure we can take every single bit of the resort’s offerings in!

Rooms start at $1,600 per night depending on rates and availability.


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