Oxygen Jungle Villas


“This wonderful little boutique jungle resort oozes retreat and serenity – the infinity pool, the gentle music playing throughout, the silence gardens, the innate privacy of the property – it all forces a true vacation from reality. The staff here, although small, is quite remarkable. Some of the kindest, most accommodating people I’ve ever come across – they are truly there to make your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

The bar at the Clubhouse was one of our favorite spots – we made great friends with the bartender who would make us a different drink each day. We’d sip the yummy sweetness and play cards, so nice! If you’re on the adventurous side, I’d suggest asking the front desk to arrange a zip lining tour – I was a bit nervous at first but it was one of the most exciting ways to see the jungle, and such fun!”
- Trusted Friend: Emma Jones Lager
(Date Experienced: September 2013)


Great for
A romantic escape in the tropics – would be a lovely honeymoon destination.

With whom
Your grown up friend/s. This is an adults only retreat.

Memorable moment
Easy – walking into our villa for the first time. Just out of this world! I knew that the rooms would be entirely glass walled, but I just wasn’t prepared for the splendor of it all, I nearly dropped my welcome papaya cocktail when I stepped into our villa. We were literally staying in a glass box in the middle of the jungle, minimalist perfection to a tee. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the Costa Rican jungle. And to add, our room had an outdoor living space where we’d spend early afternoons reading and sipping tropical juice while watching the orange and pink sunset.

Best time to go
December to April is their summer, so the weather is at its warmest and driest but it also means that the country is at it’s busiest. If you want to avoid the crowds go during what is called the “green season” (aka, Costa Rican winter) when the climate is a little rainier but the weather is still warm, lovely and green – and most importantly, the tourism is down.

Be aware
The hotel purposely lacks many classic amenities such as televisions, in-room telephones, room service, etc. I found it a blessing to detach, but if you’re worried – be at ease, there is wireless internet throughout.

Double rooms from $175 a night. Budget friendly, considering the beauty of this place.


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