Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot


“Life-changing! Nestled in the mountains of Northern Italy, this spa is a real refuge - one hundred percent dedicated to detoxifying the body and mind. I’m a medical doctor who went to Chenot to work on a project and whilst there, had the experience of this well-known health ‘spa-camp-retreat’ so that I could see what my own patients would experience. The program director sets up the guests to work the week or longer period they are there, with a masseuse, hydrotherapist, nutritionist, physician, and energy specialist to look after every medical well-being need at a surface level till further assessments are complied there or with one’s doctor at home. It can be as simple as directing one on what to eat, how to exercise and when to sleep – for that individual – for their lifestyle. Treatments include everything from mud wraps to hot cups, while medical analysis covers cardiovascular, osteoporosis, food-intolerance and more. Between appointments and treatments, one walks to town or sips tea on the terrace with a blanket and book. Guests I spoke to were pleased to say their stay was all they’d hoped it would be, feeling healthy, refreshed, and knowing better how to best take care of their health.”
- Trusted Friend: Valentina Vinante, Florence, Italy
(Date Experienced: August 2012)

Great for
A serious detox, complete with medical assessment and treatment.

With whom
Solo or with a health-conscious partner or family member

Memorable moment
At the recommendation of a friend I scheduled a cooking class lead by Henri Chenot’s wife, Dominique. Great suggestion! The course walked us through the use of healthy ingredients and innovative methods to maintain a quality diet. I loved the food here – so light and fresh – that it was a total bonus learning the secrets behind each nutritional and tasty dish. Anytime I’m in the kitchen I still use the tips I picked up during that lesson.

Best time to go
Springtime is lovely. Avoid rainy October and November.

Be aware
This is not a spa where one goes to be pampered. Don’t expect cucumber facials and rose petal pedicures here. The programs are intense, and there are times when you will feel the effects of the detox – particularly during the 24-hour mushroom broth diet.

$1,046 per night, full breakfast included.


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