Palacio Duhau, Park Hyatt


“I have been to Buenos Aires several times and Palacio Duhau is the place to stay whether you go for business or for pleasure. This stunningly beautiful hotel (a restored 1930s mansion with a connected modern tower) is centrally located in fashionable Recoleta, making it very easy to get around. While the rooms in the original building combine pre-existing details, such as fireplaces, with contemporary influences, the hotel’s new addition is more modern and minimal. Both wings are very nice so your room choice will depend on personal preference. The hotel staff will cater to your every need and the service is flawless; some of the staff members even remembered me from my stay last year. If you have time, take advantage of the hotel spa.”
- Trusted Friend: Sam Gould, San Francisco, CA
(Date Experienced: December 2014)

Great for
With its ideal location in the Recoleta neighborhood, this beautifully restored palace hotel by Park Hyatt is a great base for exploring the city.

With whom
Perfectly suitable for both with the family as well as for business. If you want to bring your dog along, you’re in luck here; the hotel features a VIPet Program for small dogs.

Memorable moment
My last trip to Buenos Aires was with my wife and son. We stayed at Palacio Duhau during Masters of Food and Wine, a 4-day hotel-planned event where they organized a number of activities including a visit to one of Argentina’s oldest estancias in the Pampas, a spectacular tango show as well as tickets to the final game of the Palermo Polo open. It was so much fun doing all these things within such a short period of time and all we needed to do was show up.

Best time to go
Buenos Aires is enchanting year-round. The best weather though is between September and April.

Be aware
It’s a bit unfortunate that the hotel doesn’t have an outdoor pool. However, they do have an 80-foot long indoor one.

Starting at US $500 per night.


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