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“Our family safari in Botswana with Royal African was an absolute dream of a trip. We found the total immersion that a mobile camping safari gives you is unique and unparalleled. Our family of 12 went for days without seeing another tourist or group. Our guide Adam Hedges was warm, entertaining, adventurous and meticulous in everything he planned. Surprise sunset cocktails and morning coffee breaks awaited us in the most unexpected and fabulous places, game drives were always exciting and full of spontaneity, comforts at the campsite always first rate (hot water bottles warming up the foot of your bed at bedtime!) and best of all were the tales and laughter around the campfire at the end of each day. If you're looking for a truly private safari experience, immersed in nature with first rate comfort and exceptional guides, I cannot imagine recommending anyone but Royal African. They are in a class by themselves.”
- Trusted Friends: Alix & Philip Toub, Greenwich, CT
(Date Experienced: 2007 & 2009)

Great for
An exclusive immersion in the African wilderness with highly personalized service. The team of safari guides, most of whom have grown up in Africa, are all experts in the various surroundings and cultures and are eager to show off what Africa has to offer.

With whom
As a family or a group of friends

Memorable moment
A private helicopter took us up to a mountain top where we enjoyed a champagne breakfast. Every detail was thoughtfully implemented, starting with freshly brewed coffee before we left our tent, down to the extra blankets that were packed for additional comfort. The views - both from the helicopter and the mountaintop - were spectacular, and this early morning trip provided the perfect start to the day.

Best time to go
Botswana is best May to September, Kenya from mid July to September if you want to see the migration

With the kids
Absolutely. All ages are catered to.

Be aware
Many people who go on safari get the “Africa bug.” Once you have been, you have to keep going back!

Room options
Large en suite tents in your private mobile camp and a variety of room choices depending on the lodges visited during the designed trip.

Service & vibe
High guide to guest ratio (1 to 4) and staff that cater to your every need.

Traditional African fare is worth experiencing. Regional foods differ, but stews and rice dishes are prominently featured in most areas and take advantage of fresh and readily available meats, fish and vegetables. In Kenya one might enjoy the popular Nyama Choma, a dish consisting of beef or goat’s meat cooked over and open fire and served with mixed vegetables, while those in Botswana will likely enjoy a meal of boiled ground beef or lamb with maize meal (cornbread) known as seswaa.

Price per night
From $13,000 for a 10-day safari

To Do & See
Amazing wildlife and birdlife can be seen in a variety of ways, the safest being from a vehicle but other options include (but are not limited to) by foot, boat, helicopter or even atop a horse, camel or elephant. Special day trips can also be arranged to nearby villages, allowing interaction with tribes people and the ability to experience authentic African culture. An amazing safari design team is willing and able to recommend other possible activities or day trips, like a fishing trip in the Indian ocean or a hot-air balloon ride over the Serengeti plains.

Sport & Activity
Game drives, walking, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming...

Spa & Grooming
A masseuse can be requested for the mobile camps and some lodges offer spa services.

Bases of operation: Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. Also possible to visit: Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

Getting there
Daily flights to Botswana via Johannesburg, Daily flights to Kenya via Europe

North American toll free: 1-877-337-4176
International: +1-416-915-4145

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