Shangri-La Traders Hotel Yangon


“We’d been curious about Myanmar for years and being we are almost always impressed with Shangri-La hotels, we chose Traders. It’s a top recommendation in the region! Myanmar is an ideal location for the adventurous tourist who is seeking something different. Traders Hotel provides the comforts needed to explore and yet have a safe place to hang your hat at the end of the day.

Guest rooms are newly renovated in a rather austere yet very functional manner. The spa is very affordable and offers a wide range of treatments. There is also a state of the art health club. The bustling coffee shop is the center of social activity for this emerging urban city – locals enjoy the international offerings and tourists are treated like honored guests.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friends Suzan & Marty Rose, Greenwich, CT
(Date Experienced: December 2013)

Great for
Your travel base in Myanmar.

With whom
Ideal for either family vacations or business trips. The hotel also offers a selection of meeting rooms and ballrooms for various events/functions.

Memorable moment
The graciousness of the hotel staff at every turn provided many memorable moments. Especially helpful are the trained Concierge with invaluable restaurant destinations that are not typical tourist spots but appeal to the adventurous souls.

Best time to go
The dry seasons which are mostly fall / winter. Avoid the rainy season!

Be aware
Hotels are concerned about the religious and political unrest. You find high levels of security guards and body screenings at the entry to each five star hotel. Credit card usage just started so many retail locations only accept cash. The best type of money to carry is new $100 bills.

From $230 per night plus 10% and 5% tax charges.


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