Tcherassi Hotel & Spa


“Inspired and designed by owner, fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi, this small, cool hotel is so fabulous. Every detail of the design is chic and makes you feel like you’re staying at a friend’s poshly designed house. The staff are integral to that feeling. We went for my husband’s birthday and it was a perfectly romantic, fun and scenic getaway to celebrate.”
- Trusted Friend: Laura Lehman, Miami Beach
(Date Experienced: May 2012)

Great for
Celebrating anniversaries or birthdays - enjoy the private romantic rooms and celebrate with dinner at the wonderful restaurant, Vera.

With whom
With the modern, chic design this is best shared with a partner or friends - not appropriate nor for a child.

Memorable moment
When the staff surprised us with drinks and desserts at dinner one night - they even sang happy birthday! It was amazing because although I had mentioned it was my husband’s birthday at the beginning of our stay, I had no idea they were planning this. Wonderful service.

Best time to go
A wonderfully warm place all year round; avoid October as it is the rainiest month of the year.

Be aware
You’ll not want the trip to end!

From $295 nightly


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