The Serai


“A totally different experience – even different from the African safaris we’ve taken over the years. If tented suites don’t sound luxurious, think again. Our suite had its own private jacuzzi and walled garden area with complete privacy. We enjoyed being able to just relax and slow down — the staff are amazingly friendly with a smile on their face at all times. An exotic and unique destination to experience a different reality.”
- Trusted Friend: Eric Goldberger, London
(Date Experienced: February 2012)

Great for
A different kind of vacation - away from busy cities and boring beaches — a unique place to relax. Also an exotic honeymoon option.

With whom
This should be shared with a partner or with a group of friends. Not a fun trip for most kids.

Memorable moment
We had several interesting excursions, including exploring Jaisalmer with its beautifully sculpted houses and temples. A highlight was riding camels into the dunes to watch the sun set over the desert.

Best time to go
Anytime between September 1 and March 31 - the camp is not open the other months of the year.

Be aware
This destination is close to Jaisalmer and excursions are available but with the bad roads and driving time this is more of a stay-on-property type of trip.

Beginning at $650 a night for the tented suite


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