The Singular Patagonia


“Splendid brand new destination in the Chilean Patagonia. If you’re fascinated by extreme design and architecture, history and adventure, food and nature – you’ll just love a stay here. A once cold-storage plant turned luxury hotel and spa, this resort preserves it’s historic past in all it’s authenticity, including an on-site museum where guests can learn about the property and region. And did I mention the entire place is carbon-free? From the farm-to-table cuisine to the bedding made from a local llama farm. My favorite part of the entire hotel – the floor to ceiling windows! …in our bedroom, at the spa, around the hotel…panoramic vistas of the snow-capped mountains all around. It was magical, like being indoors and outdoors at the same time. Just loved it!”
- Trusted friend Kristina Oppen, NYC
(Date Experienced: November 2012)

Great for
Adventure mixed with relaxation and serious culinary indulgence.

With whom
Friends, family, a loved one – a treasure like this should be shared with someone special.

Memorable moment
This was the coolest thing… We signed up for a walk along the Serrano River. We had two fantastic guides, Pedro and Maria, who took us around the terrain teaching and helping out wherever they could. It was great fun to watch them move, both incredible hikers and the views of the river were phenomenal. At one point we took a break to enjoy the surroundings. Maria pulled out some drink mixers from her pack while Pedro went over to one of the glaciers and chipped out a few chunks of ice. They made us all cocktails using the ice from the glaciers!

Best time to go
October to April, when Patagonia experiences their spring and summer.

Be aware
Winds and temperatures can get extreme, so if you’re planning on enjoying the long list of outdoorsy activities available around the property, consult the hotel site for information on the proper gear and clothing to pack.

Starting at $580 per night.


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