The Yeatman


“This is an amazing destination for anyone looking for a beautiful setting, delicious food and some of the best wines in the world. We really enjoy great food and fine wines so this was not only a perfect destination but turned out to be the perfect hotel for us. The Yeatman restaurant was absolutely amazing but we really loved the private wine dinner that we had arranged beforehand. The wine selection is truly amazing- we highly suggest partaking in the wine tasting. The wine specialists are so knowledgeable, you learn quite a lot about the wines and you will walk away wishing for more. ”
- Trusted Friend: Patrick Trembollé, Miami
(Date Experienced: July 2010)

Great for
Located in one of Europe’s greatest wine capitals, this is a perfect destination for the wine lover in your family. There are many wine tastings, wine dinners, a wine bar and many wine cellars to visit throughout the area.

With whom
This city hotel is great with a partner, someone who really enjoys fine wines and even with the family. The hotel provides kid friendly activities in the Kid’s Club.

Memorable moment
Being wine lovers we could not wait to finally have a glass of Port, the classic wine from this area. We went to the wine bar, Dick’s bar, to have a glass of the famed Port wine and not only was the wine superb but the atmosphere of the bar was wonderful as well. Be sure to check it out.

Best time to go
April to September when the weather is warm and beautiful. And if you’re looking for an especially lively time to go, plan to go around Saint John Feast (mid-June) when the entire city becomes alive with festivities.

Be aware
Although the location is lovely, providing spectacular views, if you are looking for a more central spot in the city this is not the place for you. It’s a bit of a walk over very hill roads or a taxi ride away from the center of Porto.

Beginning at $300.00


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