Tortuga Bay


“An absolute island dream. From the moment we walked off the plane and were escorted through customs, to arriving at the hotel to receive our personal golf cart for transportation around the resort, we were in absolute awe. Not only is the island itself absolutely stunning but the villas and rooms themselves are beautiful. We stayed within walking distance to the beach and we highly recommend the beach front villas as well- so close to the amazing beaches, they are so beautiful, you will want to spend all your time there. ”
- Trusted Friend: Karina Fensterman, Manhattan
(Date Experienced: February 2011)

Great for
This is an amazing destination for weddings, honeymoons, family vacations, trips with a lover and just about anything. With so much to do to enjoy the island feel, it’s a great spot for almost any occasion.

With whom
This is a great spot for families or a romantic island vacation with a partner.

Memorable moment
When we arrived we met our villa manager who was absolutely amazing. She gave us her number and said to call whenever we needed anything- which we did! Tee time? Done. Horseback riding? Done. She was the best.

Best time to go
This a beautiful place with warm weather throughout the year although the months between June and August can be rainier than the rest of the year.

Be aware
If you’re looking to accommodate many people, such as a large family reunion or close knit wedding party, there is the HOME option which offers many spacious homes to choose from.

Beginning at $675.00


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