Trout Point Lodge


“I wanted a place off the beaten path that offered comfortable rooms, delicious cuisine and most importantly the outdoors experience I miss living in the city. During our stay the leaves were changing so the entire forest was painted with yellows and oranges — a view we got to enjoy during our guided hike through the wilderness. I’m not a huge fisherman but the staff was plenty friendly during our fishing excursion. I will miss the slower pace of this natural escape.”
- Trusted Friend: Ryan Whitfield, New York City
(Date experienced: October 2010)

Great for
The outdoorsy family that enjoys spending time together amongst trees, flowing rivers and wildlife.

With whom
The whole family will enjoy the nature trails, canoeing, fishing and other various lake and river activities. Also a wonderfully romantic honeymoon spot for the nature couples!

Memorable moment
Seeing so much wildlife during our hikes, we even saw a black bear (from a distance).

Best time to go
Every part of the year offers natural beauty — from forest foliage to snowy trees to blooming flowers — whichever season you fancy most!

Be aware
There is an additional charge of $207 to take part in the meal plan that consists of three meals a day at the award winning restaurant — there is a half plan option as well. Also, this is a catch and release environment.

Rooms start at $200


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