We Care Spa


“My mother and I wanted to get away from the busy, fast-paced lifestyle of LA. Luckily, We Care is a convenient two hour drive to a private secluded area of the desert. We wanted “me time” and were in the right mindset for a detox (not a major weight loss). The first thing we did was book a massage and colonic. This was my first time, and the woman helping me was very comforting and reassuring. I’m so glad we did it! We left feeling refreshed and revitalized. Our skin glowed, we learned to appreciate food, pray beforehand, and really savor every meal (the vegetable soup is to die for).

The small clientele, exercise classes, trail walks and tranquil grounds all add to the appeal. The therapists have been there for years and really are experts. The master classes were great for us first-timers, and the yoga sessions focused on relaxation, not power. We also met people from all over the world, and it’s such an intimate setting you immediately become friends. It was a great mother-daughter weekend, and we both felt better, had plenty of alone time, and left with a glow we didn’t have beforehand.”
- Experienced by Trusted Friend: Rebecca Richardson, Los Angeles
(Date Experienced: March 2014)

Great for
Completely shutting off the chime of technology and focusing on yourself. You’ll return home full of positive energy and ready to take on the world!

With whom
I would love to go back solo. I certainly wouldn’t recommend going with a significant other, as this is the time to take care of yourself and not worry about others. Plus, you will make lots of friends during your stay.

Memorable moment
Taking a great nap on the floating bed after a fabulous deep tissue massage. Ahhh!

Best time to go
We booked our trip in the spring to help shed our winter cobwebs! I wouldn’t recommend going in the summer as it gets really hot.

Be aware
This isn’t a place for entertainment. It’s the place to go and clear your mind and body, and get in touch with yourself again.

Six day packages start at $2,500.


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