Zarafa Camp


“One of the most amazing and beautiful places you will ever go! Right when you arrive you are surrounded by breathtaking views and if you’re lucky, you will sight animals when entering the camp – we saw a family of elephants and could not stop taking pictures as they had babies with them. Our first full day began with a tour from Dukes, the ever-brilliant tour guide, where we saw a group of wild dogs. After spending much of the day on our tour we headed back to our room to relax and take a bath in the copper tub and then enjoy an amazing meal. It was an amazing experience that we want to do over and over again.”
- Trusted Friend: Stephen & Jackie Stillman, Rye, NY
(Date Experienced: November 2011)

Great for
An experience you will never forget... and never want to leave. Immerse yourself in Africa’s wildlife and get the full-on safari experience in an extremely intimate setting.

With whom
With only eight guests at a time this would be a great adventure with a lover or best friend, or rent out the entire camp for a fun experience with family or a group of friends.

Memorable moment
Every moment was memorable! But waking up and looking right outside to see elephants and hippos in the distance was unreal. We almost had to pinch ourselves to remind ourselves we weren’t dreaming.

Best time to go
This is a great year-round destination but beware of the warmer, wetter summer months between November and March. April through October are the drier winter months and it is during these months that boast the greatest number of elephants at the Reserve.

Be aware
This will be one of the best trips you ever go on and it may be hard to top it!

Rates vary throughout the year with rates starting at $ 1,095 per night inclusive of all meals.


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