(Demystifying Private Air Charter)

“Over the years I’ve seen so many private jet companies’ glossy advertisements and WSJ/FT offers. Even in discussing with friends/acquaintances who have memberships with private jet companies, there is a lot of confusion of how the offerings differ from one another. For example: What does a private jet broker do versus a company that owns their own aircraft?

Since joining ALTOUR, being that we have our own private jet brokerage arm, I’ve taken the time to really learn more about this business – and be able to share an informed opinion with friends and What’s Worth It subscribers alike. Part of my discovery process included speaking with ten of their clients to help me understand the core important differences.

So, while you may never before have heard of ALTOUR AIR because they were only accessible to a very exclusive clientele and grew via word of mouth, I’m happy to share the perspectives I’ve gained around the expertise and top-notch service levels their clients report! With decades of experience and global knowledge of the complex world of private jets, I’ve assessed ALTOUR AIR is one of the top private jet charter services in the USA due to their experience and integrity.”
- Suzanne

Great for
Any kind of private jet charter, whether it be island-hopping in the Caribbean, a flight from New York to Los Angeles or a tour around the world.

You don’t need fractional ownership to fly with them and there are no minimum annual hours or trips that you need to book. ALTOUR AIR will charter the best plane for your specific needs whenever and wherever in the world. They vet each aircraft and carrier before you fly to a degree of detail that is all too important, but can be overlooked by less experienced, and less prestigious companies.

With whom
Anyone that is looking to fly private. ALTOUR AIR clients have used the service for both business as well as leisure (family) trips and always find them very professional and discerning. The agents present very few, but the best options based on what the client’s needs are.

Be aware
ALTOUR AIR does not own or operate the aircraft. This allows the company to offer an unbiased opinion on the best jet for each mission. Recognized as an Authorized Broker by Wyvern, one the most trusted international aviation auditing firms, they have access to a vast database of safety information on the carriers, aircraft and pilots. They use this information to ensure your aircraft and crew meet the strictest safety standards.

Excerpts from two ALTOUR AIR customers:

“While I have had the privilege of flying private for many years, no one compares to ALTOUR AIR. I took my family to the South of France last summer and the staff and flight crew were amazing to deal with. The courteous attitude, the promptness when responding to a request, be it specific or vague, and complete professionalism were second to none. Most importantly, the excellent service and competitive and fair pricing makes ALTOUR AIR #1 in my book! I am certain that I will continue to book with them for many years to come.”
Experienced by William Livingston, a long-time ALTOUR AIR client (Purchase, New York)

“I have used ALTOUR AIR for private charter several times but one trip in particular stands out in my mind. We needed to make several meetings across the country in two days. They worked with us very closely in planning the logistics of our travel and meeting schedule. Not only was the plane a good fit for our budget but it was also a great place for us to relax during such a hectic trip. Job well done, as always, ALTOUR AIR!”
Experienced by Lila Dubnick, CEO of a Cyber Security Firm (Atlanta, Georgia)

It depends on the route and the plane, but with the buying power of ALTOUR AIR working for you, you can be confident that their prices are very competitive. Prices start at about $2,500 for a short hop from Palm Beach to Key West, Florida for example. For more specific pricing, click here to enter your itinerary and obtain an instant price estimate.

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