BluePrint Cleanse


A juice cleanse that doesn't get in the way of your day-to-day life. Three levels of intensity to choose from to rid your body of impurities, normalize your digestion, regain alkaline balance and feel great!

Trusted Friend
“A hassle-free and delicious juice cleanse that leaves me feeling energized, restores a healthy glow to my skin and keeps me in-line by doing it 2xs per year. Great for first-timers and an all-around must for 2011!”
- Bryanna Kallman, Greenwich, CT
(Experienced since 2008)

You'll receive six juices to drink per day — conveniently labeled in the order you should drink them.

Their delivery system is incredibly timely (they call an hour before just to make sure you're in) and you'll also receive inspirational emails, how-to advice, and a food cheat sheet (just in case).

The juices are delicious and take care of your body's cravings. Vegetable tonics, spicy lemonade, and vanilla cashew milk are full of the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy while your system cleans itself out.

All-in-all it's a hassle-free juice cleanse to follow with attentive customer support.
From $65 per day — Worth It!

Ending your cleanse is a process that can take as long as the cleanse itself, and is super important in preserving the effects of the cleanse as well as keeping your system healthy. Luckily BPC provides details on the best way to re-introduce foods post cleanse.


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