Love skiing, hate painful feet? Well: apparently, only 6% of men and 5% of women stand optimally on their skis — meaning it’s harder and less comfortable to ski. To perfect your balance takes more than practice, it’s all in the boots... Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it is well worth having footwear that fits well: Jim Lindsay is your man.

Love skiing — hate blisters. If there’s one thing that can without doubt ruin a ski trip, it’s badly fitting boots.

Serious pros (World Cup racers, instructors and those in the know) visit Jim Lindsay, founder of BOOTech and expert boot fitter. Lindsay is both an avid skier and a certified pedorthist, as well as a member of the faculty of the Aspen Foundation for Sports Medicine. In short — when it comes to ski boots, he knows his stuff.

Suitable for any level of skier: an basic assessment is based on length of foot, width of foot, height of instep, tibial angle and tracking and range of motion and includes basic boot set-up. It’s pretty comprehensive, but for even more comprehensive, opt for the full assessment: evaluation using lower kinetic chain bio-mechanics, utilizing digital pressure analysis, ROM, to determine optimal alignment, basic boot set-up, product selection, etc.

There’s more... Lindsay also offers customized insoles, custom liners (provide an unmatched level of control and precision of fit) and an excellent selection of performance boots. Adjustments might seem tiny, but once you start to ski with your newly fitted footwear you’ll see a big difference, whether your aim was to improve your skiing, or just stop your boots from hurting (never fun!).

Initial/basic consultation $45; for a full assessment $75; full range of services including assessment, orthotics, and boots canted and lifted approx $410. Boot costs vary per order — Worth It!

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“When I discovered this service I figured, why not — I ski all the time so may as well have good boots. My husband and I both had them custom-made. The difference it has made is enormous! We are both far more comfortable and have more endurance than ever before. Well worth the money.”
- Ilaria Gonnetti

Don’t want to spend a lot on a new pair of boots if you ski once per year? BOOTech also provide insoles and liners that help — but it’s of course not the same as custom-boots.

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