City Secrets

Really getting to know a new city, whether you’re staying for a holiday or longer, is always tough, especially as many guide books always seem so generic/impersonal. That’s where City Secrets come in... A collection of short, pithy entries about the city written by top-notch authors, writers, journalists, scholars, and critics. Think MoMA director Glenn Lowry on New York, an Italian cook letting you in on her fave Venice restaurants or Peter Horrocks, a barrister, and a freeman of the City of London sneaking you into the Queen’s top wine and spirit merchant.

Suzanne Says
“Love these books, such a cute idea that is much-needed for people like me who truly love to discover the real gems of a city. Like being shown around by your most intelligent, in-the-know friend who always has the best anecdotes and the most unexpected tips. Even if you’re not travelling, the books are a fun read to inspire you for your next trip.”

Don’t stick to guides for new cities you’re visiting, the books are full of gems to discover even for long-time residents.

Usually available through most major booksellers. (If not in-store then online.)

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